Adventurous Offbeat Getaways Near Pune

Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra is a place which is situated 560 meters above the sea level. The place has a lot of history to it, especially that of the Maratha Empire. It was once the center of power of the Shivaji Maharaj’s Maratha Empire. Pune has developed a lot since then and has become a major IT and automobile hub of Maharashtra and since it is located at such a high altitude, there are many beautiful places and forts near Pune which are really worth visiting for your next offbeat getaways near Pune. These getaways are adventurous and you get to experience nature in a really different way and since Pune has become a very busy city lately, it has become very essential to take a break from the monotonous routine and relax while being close to the nature. So here are a few destinations which will be perfect for your adventurous offbeat getaways near Pune:Rappelling at Dudhiwara Falls Lonavala:For all you adventure lovers, be ready to have some real fun while rappelling at Dudhiwara Falls. The force of water and the slipperiness of the slope makes it really tough to rappel down, but then that is exactly what adventure is all about, isn’t it?Rafting at Kolad:Kolad is a perfect place for trekkers as well as water sports lovers. Here you can enjoy adventurous activities like kayaking, laddering, waterfall canoeing and rafting. Even the camp sites are really good and it makes a perfect place for your adventurous offbeat getaways near Pune.Japalouppe Equestrian Centre:Are you a horse lover? Yes? Then this place is perfect for you. Spread across 36 acres, this place is surrounded with mountains and lush green fields. It is the best place for beginners to learn horse riding and also various camps are held at this place and since this place is just 30 km away from Pune, it makes it a perfect your adventurous offbeat getaways near Pune.Imagica Theme Park:This place is entertaining as well as adventurous right from children to the older people with a variety of rides and activities which you can do here. The 3D and 4D rides are very good and the place is always decorated differently, making it an altogether different experience no matter how many times you visit this place.Hot Air Balloon in Lonavla:Enjoy a peaceful time with your family and enjoy nature in a way you would have never experienced before with the Hot Air Balloon trip at Lonavla. Take a tour through the beautiful Sahayadri Mountains, lush green forests and waterfalls and return back with lots of memories.Dehna:This place may be a little far away from Pune as compared to others, but trust us, you will experience nothing like this at any other place. Imagine enjoying your getaway near a rural place where at night you can sleep watching thousands of fireflies glowing in the sky! This is exactly what Dehna is all about.So go ahead and take your loved ones with you to enjoy adventure and nature in the finest way possible!

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